Here is a little explanation of what kind of news outlet we intend on being:
We use the W.A.R news model, which means Watchdog, Advocate, Resource.
When you start a newspaper, the first and foremost part of W.A.R that you execute is being a RESOURCE to the community. This means covering essential news, like traffic issues, crime, etc.
When WE cover the news, we will be covering it using standards of liberty-
1. Do not initiate force against others
2. Be self-reliant
3. Be self-responsible.
In HOW we cover the news, in what we CHOOSE to cover (and not cover), we will strive to follow these three principles.
We will also advocate for these principles by showcasing how others are showing examples of these principles in how they live their lives.
We will also be a watchdog by highlighting where these principles are under attack in our community.