A reader sent us this tweet this morning from the Bethlehem Area School District Superintendent Joseph Roy.

Joseph Roy Tweet supporting state funding of pre kThe reader wrote this:

The Bethlehem area school district superintendent, Joseph Roy, has used his government-assigned official twitter account to promote a political opinion piece in the Morning Call.  The opinion piece makes a case for state funding of pre-K education.


Here is an excerpt from that article (which is linked in the embedded tweet below):

But too many Pennsylvania children lack access to high-quality pre-K because we are not investing enough to make these programs more readily available. Statistics from the statewide Pre-K for PA campaign show that, in Lehigh and Northampton counties alone, more than 12,000 3- and 4-year-olds lack access to high-quality pre-K programs. Statewide, about 200,000 young learners lack access to high-quality pre-K.

So what will it take to make high-quality pre-K more available in the Lehigh Valley and across Pennsylvania? We need a multiyear investment strategy by the state.

Even with increased state funding for fiscal year 2016-17, Pennsylvania would still have more than 50 percent of at-risk preschool children without access to high-quality pre-K. This is why Pennsylvania should step up its funding for pre-K — not just in the coming year but over the next several fiscal years. Every year we fail to step up is another year of missed opportunities for far too many children.


The article was written by pediatrician Elaine Donoghue.  Here is the embedded tweet:

The issue surrounding this tweet is this:  Superintendent Roy is using his position as a state official, as well as the official twitter account for the superintendent of the district to promote a political agenda that not all tax paying citizens in his district support. This tweet, coming as it has during the latest round of negotiations for the state budget, has raised the concern of some of our readers.
On the other side, the superintendent is simply expressing the policies of the school district that supports pre-K education and would welcome state funding to make that happen.
We bring it to your attention and allow you to decide.  The question is this:
Is this an inappropriate use of government position and property?
Is this well within the bounds of the duties of a school superintendent?
Let us know your opinion.  You can PM us at our Facebook page or email us at editor@lehighvolunteer.com.