kindergatenWHITEHALL-  The Whitehall-Coplay School Board took a step toward introducing full-day kindergarten to the school district.  The Board met yesterday, September 26th when the topic came up.

The board is considering a full feasibility study of the facilities in the district which would cost the district $74,000.  There is an abbreviated study called a paral study that would cost less than $37,000.

The full feasibility study would assess where facilities would have to expand for the district to offer full-day kindergatarn.  It would also consider other maintenance issues in the district, including roofing issues on some of its schools.

The school board leaned toward the full feasibility study over the paral study because they felt it would give them a more accurate assessment of costs over the next five years.  The board itself favors full-day kindergarten but wants more data to make a final decision.